Quick Chord: Eye on Attraction, Edelweiss, and Electric Century

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    © Copyright Tobias Hibbs 2010

    Eye on Attraction

    Scranton, Pa.

    Sounds like: A mix of progressive and alternative rock, their music is extremely technical and they are known for their high-energy stage show. They are most like Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, and Rush.

    Fun fact: Eye on Attraction, who are massive Harry Potter fans, recorded and released a nearly 20-minute long Wizard Rock epic entitled “Magic is Might.”

    Find them: facebook.com/eyeonattraction, youtube.com/eyeonattractiontv, eyeonattraction.bandcamp.com


    Stroudsburg, Pa.

    Sounds like: Indie-spacey-math rock, both rhythmically complex and hypnotizing.

    Fun fact: The members of Edelweiss competitively hunt the most dangerous game, man. Also, their debut EP “Pre-Columbians,” as well as their second EP “Honduras,” are on their Bandcamp for free (name your own price).

    Find them: edelweissofficial.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/edelweissofficial, twitter.com/edelweisspa, soundcloud.com/edelweissofficial

    Electric Century

    New Jersey

    Sounds like: Synth-pop and Britpop: think the sound of pop meets the lyrics of The Smiths.

    Fun fact: Electric Century was formed by Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) and David Debiak (New London Fire). Way was in his 7th grade science class when he wrote down “Electric Century” on a note book and decided he wanted to create the band; almost 20 years later, it came together.

    Find them: facebook.com/electriccentury, twitter.com/electriccentury, instagram.com/electriccentruy ​