Scranton was loaded with ‘dirty girls’ the first weekend in May

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    Cristina Matos, Adrienne Hufford, Kathy Fitzgerald, Denise Mills and Debbie Faccenda pose for a photo at the start of the Dirty Girl Mud Run. The run was held on Saturday, May 2.

    Kira VonRon, Lori McCaa and Lynda Christopher finish up the balance beam during the Dirty Girl Run.

    Beth Hartz, Michelle Cuadrado and Jessica Ortiz-Eichert raise their hands after making it over the wall.

    Michelle Pearson slides down the giant slip n’ slide.

    Kendra Schultz leads her team the Tunkhannock Girls down the giant slip n’ slide.

    Each finisher will receive a Dirty Girl medal.

    The 9am runners head out at the start.

    Nikki Maxwell and Judy Kwaitkowski trek through the creek in the woods during the Dirty Girl mud run.

    Kristy Heiland photographs her teammates Kim Heckrote, Amy Titus and Tia Stahr of Diamond Divas as the exit the mud tubes.

    Racers make their way through the H2OMG balls.

    Runners make their way through the PMS mud crawl.

    Nearly 3,500 women took part in the Dirty Girl Mud Run on May 2, held at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain.

    An estimated $30,000 was raised for Bright Pink, an non-profit organization focused on awareness and the prevention of breast and ovarian cancer.