Scranton housewife: ‘Kris Jenner bullied me in school’

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    This grandma has seen her fair share of bullying, Anne frankly she doesn’t appreciate it.

    Jennifer Hills of Scranton has been harboring a secret for nearly 40 years. The 58-year-old claims to have been bullied by Kris Jenner while attending high school together in La Jolla, California; a message she announced Monday morning via an airplane banner in the skies of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

    “I can’t hold this in any longer,” Hills said in her first exclusive interview since the skywriting endeavor. Then she sharted. “That one is going to leave a mark on my underwear,” she said.

    After changing her underwear — and reluctantly washing her hands — Hills made a shocking proclamation while drinking boxed wine.

    “Something else I can’t hold any longer is that I knew Kris Jenner before she was a reality star. I know the world feels like they know Kris from keeping up with her and her slutty daughters, but they have no idea what she was really like before she became a money-hungry celebrity. The time for the world to know the truth is now,” Hills said. “Kris Jenner bullied me in high school.”

    Hills, a housewife who teaches a spin class on Saturday mornings at Studio ATL in Scranton, said she was inspired to expose the truth after watching Bruce Jenner’s revealing interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24.

    “When Kris was the only ex of Bruce who didn’t give a respectable comment on his behalf, it just made me remember how much of a bitch she was in high school. People think she is this fabulous, strong woman. She’s not. She’s an insecure opportunist who ruined my life in high school,” she alleged.

    According to Hills, they met at La Jolla High in the early 1970s. “She was very quiet when I first met her, but she always gave me dirty looks. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but I soon realized it was personal,” she said.

    Hills claimed during their junior year, Jenner spread a rumor that she was “scissoring” the lesbian gym teacher at their school.

    “I don’t know what made her do that. I honestly believe she was jealous of me because my breasts were larger than hers,” Hills said.

    Hills recounted several alleged encounters with Jenner following the rumor; including one instance where Jenner punched her in the stomach and said, “You’re so ugly that the only way for you to be hot is if you were cremated.”

    “I wanted to forgive her, but I also wanted to forget her,” Hills said. “I moved to Scranton after high school to get away from Kris. I had a nice life away from the drama Kris created for me. I was happily married and even happier having an affair with an on-air meteorologist that secretly fathered two of my children,” Hills said. “I’ve forgiven Kris, but I forgot about her, until I saw she didn’t publicly support Bruce, the man who neglected his own children to raise her girls. I may have sleep apnea, but I’ll sleep better knowing people know she was a bully in high school.”