Meet this weeks ‘Battle of the Bands’ contestants

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    Grey Fog

    Wake Up Call


    Breakers Battle of the Bands is a music competition series running Thursdays through May 21 at Mohegan Sun Pocono. Music starts at 8 p.m.

    Each week, bands take stage for a chance in the semi-finals and a shot at $10,000.

    On April 23, Grey Fog, Wake Up Call and Wonder Chunk will battle it out. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to this week’s line-up.


    Members: Jake Wentland, bass; Brian McNamara, drums; Jimmy Manley, guitar; and Tim Harding, vocals.

    Based out of Scranton

    Our band name: The band name came after the first time we rehearsed. We did a few songs and said it didn’t sound bad for a bunch of F-ing Old Guys (FOG). We just added Grey and had a name.


    Members: Mark Marina, drums; Gary Wehrkamp, lead singer, guitar, keyboards; and Sean Simpson, singer, bass

    Based out of Stroudsburg

    Our band name: We bring a genuine ‘Wake Up Call’ to the music industry.


    Members: Ben Gebhart, drums; Johnny Vegas, bass and vocals; and Randy Moyer, guitar and vocals

    Based out of Bloomsburg

    Our band name: The band gets the name Wonder Chunk from one of our dogs. Her name is Lexi, but her nickname is WonderChunk. She’s a big, solid girl who is a very sweet dog.