Hey! Scranton just made another list — and it proves the city isn’t shit!

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    Scranton made another list — but that’s a good thing.

    Something incredible just happened to the city of Scranton — and it’s the best thing to happen to The Electric City since Steve Carell randomly showed up at the Backyard Ale House for ‘The Office’ wrap party in May 2013 and started taking drunk selfies with everybody. On Monday, Huff Post Travel listed “ten offbeat reasons to make Scranton, PA your next mini-escape.”

    That’s right. They’re encouraging people to come to Scranton. In your face, Scranton Sucks Facebook page.

    Not long ago, Scranton was on a roll being the brunt of lists with negative connotation. In 2012, Forbes gave Scranton the No. 5 spot on their list of cities where people earn the smallest paychecks; in 2014, a Gallup poll ranked Scranton to be the 13th most miserable city in the nation; and just this year, scientists in Cornell’s physics department reported Scranton to be the worst place to be in the events of a zombie apocalypse.

    On a freshly positive note, Huff Post Travel says “there are more attractions in Scranton than in most cities of its size; reasons to spend two or three days here.”

    The list included shout-outs to local businesses such as Cooper’s Seafood House, Eden Vegan Cafe and Loyalty Barbershop. When Loyalty’s owner Brian Nardella found out his business made the list, he was amazed. “I think it’s important to note that we have a wonderful support base as well as some pretty amazing relationships with other local businesses,” Nardella told Weekender.

    Historical landmarks such as Scranton’s version of Grand Central Station — the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel; and cultural activities including the Houdini Museum and the Everheart Museum also made the list.

    “The [Everheart] Museum is but one attraction in the trail-laced Nay Aug Park, which also features waterfalls, a pool, a Greenhouse (where you can drop in for Yoga Class and also purchase plants), a moving memorial to area soldiers who perished in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the new David Wenzel designed ‘Treehouse,’” the list elaborated.

    Next time someone reminds you how shitty Scranton’s reputation is, shut them up by reminding them that The Huffington Post gave the city its stamp of approval.