What are you up to this weekend? Here’s what we’re doing.

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    Matt Dunn

    Sarah Haase

    Héctor González

    Samantha Stanich

    Justin Adam Brown

    Jeric Foulds

    Everybody’s (barely) working for the weekend! Weekender staff, what do your two days of freedom this week have in store for you?

    Sarah: “Going to Atlanitc City. Going to win millions of dollars, email my notice then travel the world. Well, one can hope. See you on Monday.”

    Jeric: “Heading to Harrisburg for the weekend.”

    Sam: “I am participating in my first CrossFit competition on Saturday and then hitting up the Electric City Brew Fest at Montage Mountain.”

    Justin: “I’m going to drive to Cady Heron’s house in my pink convertible and say, ‘Get in loser, we’re going shopping!’”

    Matt: “Breaking out the grill.”

    Héctor: “Gotta drive up to NYC to celebrate my buddy Ben’s new pad in Gramercy. The theme: Catalina Wine Mixer pre-Earth Day rager. Then I gotta dash back to PA Saturday morning for a rugby game in Kirby Park. Boom.”

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