Local musicians debuted Weezer tribute band No Memories — and we have pics!

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    SCRANTON — Four talented musicians came together to debut the Weezer tribute band, No Memories, at O’Leary’s Pub on Friday, April 10.

    Ed Cuozzo (A Social State, Melded, A Fire With Friends), Mike Ghigiarelli (Shattered Sky Productions, Melded), Brad Beneski (Pull The Pin, Melded, Shattered Sky Productions) and Matt Mang (The Great Party, The Reigning Toads, Mr. Echo) are known for their contributions to the original music scene in the area, but came together for this project because they have been heavily influenced by Weezer over the years.

    “For this area, if you look at the line up of tribute bands, there’s Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin. There doesn’t seem to be much in garage rock, pop/rock tribute bands,” said No Memories bass player Matt Mang. “They’ve sustained for so long without really changing their sound. I’m almost 40, and I was listening to them in high school. Now kids in high school listen to their new music,” Mang said.

    Weekender went to the show and snapped some pics.