Stealing Neil bags 10 grand at Battle of the Bands

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    PLAINS TWP. — Rock band Stealing Neil certainly lived up to their name at Breakers’ Battle of the Bands at Mohegan Sun Pocono on Thursday, May 21. Not only only did they win the grand prize of $10,000, they stole the title from last year’s winning group, Nowhere Slow, who also competed; along with Coast 2 Coast and Facing the Giants.

    Nowhere Slow’s bass player, Will Klauss, said this year marked the group’s fourth year competing in the battle. “We won last year. But whether we win or lose this year, we’re just excited that we made it to the last night of performing and to be included with all of the talent,” Klauss said. Before taking the stage, Klauss says Nowhere Slow pre-gamed with martinis and lots of shots.

    The crowded event found fans of each band cheering on their favorite group — and drinking, of course. Chris Brawley of Edwardsville was rooting for Coast 2 Coast all the way. “I’ve been coming almost every week and saw a lot of talented groups, but when I heard Coast 2 Coast, I fell in love with them. They’re awesome,” she said.

    Even though Stealing Neil won the 12-week-long competition, everyone walked away a winner. Nowhere Slow took home $5,000 for earning second place. Coast 2 Coast won $2,500 for placing third. Facing the Giants even took home $1,000 for finishing in fourth place.

    After winning, Stealing Neil’s front-man, RJ Scouton, compared winning to the ending of a Backstreet Boys concert. “It feels like being stuck at a Backstreet Boys concert and finally knowing it’s over,” he said. “It’s feels amazing.”