What are you up to this weekend? Here’s what we’re doing.

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    Jeric Foulds

    Sarah Haase

    Justin Adam Brown

    Samantha Stanich

    Matt Dunn

    Héctor González

    This is how we do it, it’s Friday night… What are you plans for the weekend? Here are ours:

    Sarah: “Going home for the weekend. Memorial Day weekend tradition is barbecue and beer and then we go to a local beach and if we’re brave enough, we swim. If not we just hang out on the sand.”

    Jeric: “I’m going to see ‘Mad Max: Fury Road,’ and I’m going to love it — to avoid being bitten by Mike Sullivan (who may or may not be a sparkly vampire).”

    Samantha: “I am going to the drive-in to see whatever is playing and then relax and have a glass of wine…okay, okay, a few glasses of wine.”

    Justin: “Montage Mountain’s water park is opening this weekend! I already have my season pass.”

    Matt: “Enjoying the three-day weekend.”

    Héctor: “I haven’t written for my own enjoyment in a while, so I’m going to spend some quiet time dusting off old screenplays. It’s nice to revisit work you wrote when you were younger, using your newfound maturity to edit out your 20-year-old self’s incessant whining.”

    What are your plans this weekend? Let us know what you’re up to on Facebook or Twitter!