Hairology: What do the stars have inline for your do?

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    Carolyn Salvaggio

    Spring has sprung, and the flowers are blooming. Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, goes forward in Leo this month. Happy days are here again!

    Word has just arrived this season’s hair color trends are flesh tones: blonds, strawberry blond, ashy blond, neutral blond, etc. Also neon colors are big, but it’s recommended you have a striking geometric haircut with neon shades.

    Aries: You have the perfect personality for neon color and a geometric style. How about orchid, a “v” bang, and a chopped to the jawbone bob.

    Taurus: Definitely pale blond with loose waves starting at mid-shaft.

    Gemini: Tan blond, long side bangs and fringed sides and back.

    Cancer: Strawberry blond with a lot of curls.

    Leo: Golden blond of course. Long, short, medium, whatever. Follow your dream; the stars are on your side. There are hair extensions you know.

    Virgo: If your hair is long, a face braid from ear to ear would be nice. Let the back hang loose.

    Libra: Tan blond. Pretend you just came from the beach and are sporting a fresh tan. That’s it, but it’s your hair, not your skin.

    Scorpio: Color blocking. Any color you wish. If you want temporary color, use hair makeup or even chalk. If you want lighter and permanent, reach out to a professional.

    Sagittarius: Your spring bonnet this year is a teased pouf from forehead to crown with a bun at the nape (tease that too).

    Capricorn: I know a Cap who just got a new look, honey blond highlights, strawberry and chocolate roots; shoulder length and piece-y. She is Hilary-gorgeous.

    Aquarius: These girls also have the personality to wear bright and bold looks. I know a Rosalie whose hair is black and white, full straight bang, long side, and short wedge back. She enters a room with a wow factor!

    Pisces: Let’s make it short. Pixie short, very jagged bangs and sides. Strawberry blond.