Quick Chord: Tisbury Obama, The Face of Beauty, and The Ramparts Rebel

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    Tisbury Obama

    Scranton, Pa.

    Sounds like: A unique combination of elements from alternative, folk, funk, jazz, and rock to create a indi americana sound. The perfect soundtracks for a summer drive across country.

    Fun fact: The members of Tisbury Obama said “We’d really like to play a show in someone’s kitchen.”

    Find them: tisburyobama.bandcamp.com, Twitter: @tisburyO

    The Face of Beauty

    New York, N.Y.

    Sounds like: Metalcore and Post-Hardcore influenced by Of Mice and Men, Motionless In White, and Dayshell.

    Fun fact: The Face of Beauty was started by Linn Win, who is the founder and main songwriter for the band.

    Find them: thefaceofbeauty.bandcamp.com/releases, facebook.com/tfobmusic,

    Instagram/Twitter: @tfobmusic

    The Ramparts Rebel

    Long Branch, N.J.

    Sounds like: Punk Rock with indie and alternative vibes. It’s as if Jimmy Eat World did a tribute album to Green Day.

    Fun fact: The Cryptkeeper Five, a punk rock band from Trenton, is the backing band on the S/T record!

    Find them: therampartsrebel.bandcamp.com/releases, Twitter: @affatatojoey,

    facebook.com/therampartsrebel, Instagram: @joeywasted