Does Iggy Azalea look like a Barbie with down syndrome?

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    First thing’s first, Iggy Azalea’s face may not be the realest.

    The Aussie rapper’s appearance at this year’s Billboard Music Awards on May 17 had thumb warriors taking to social media after her face looked noticeably different. It probably didn’t help that she hid her face when she took the stage to accept her win for Best Rap Song.

    Social media is on fire with strong allegations claiming Azalea may have had her jawline shaved, a nose job and cheek implants.

    Along with the accusations are some harshly funny — and straight up mean — tweets about the rapper. Someone even went as far as to say the 24-year-old looked like a Barbie doll with down syndrome. We don’t need Stephanie Tanner to tell us, “How rude.”

    Here’s six mean tweets about Iggy’s face.

    1. @Royalty_Reggie “After Iggy’s plastic surgery, she looks exactly like Marlon Waynes [misspelled] in white chicks”

    2. @TIMMYXCX “iggy may be hiding her new face from the cameras but Charli has a CLEAR view [pic of unimpressed face]

    3. @YodoDodo “#Iggy in 10 years.. [image of the deformed guy from the 1985 movie ‘Mask’]”

    4. @sabeenaliah “Iggy before and after plastic surgery [image of identical trash cans]”

    5. @BigBuffJasper “WHY DOES IGGY LOOK LIKE A DOWN SYNDROME BARBIE DOLL #IggyAzeala [misspelled]”

    6. @TIMMYXCX “Iggy may have won but her plastic surgery did not”