Tap This: Grab a can of beer and get ready for spring

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    Canned beers have certainly become more prevalent in the craft beer industry with more breweries making their delicious beers available in cans. While the packaging is certainly not new — cans were invented 80 years ago — some of the delicious beers available certainly are. So, where to start?

    There are now more than 500 craft breweries that can their craft beers. Each year more breweries decide to change their packaging completely to cans or offer both bottled and canned variations of their beers.

    Spring is here and with it a chance to be more mobile outdoors. The need for convenience and portability with our beers is now a necessity for many. Here is a short list of some great craft beers to have handy for your outdoors adventures this spring.

    1. Terrapin Beer Company– RecreationAle: This 4.7 percent ABV session ale has a wonderful hop punch but maintains great balance despite the light ABV, a task not so easy to manage. A veritable hop bouquet with great hop aroma and taste that has a wonderful, dry finish. These qualities, and the safety of being in a can, make for the ultimate beer to have in a backpack for a long day of hiking.

    2. Oskar Blues– Pinner: Oskar Blues has long led the way on canning craft beer, but the brewery’s new session IPA Pinner proves they are not content with resting on any past successes. At 4.9 percent ABV, this IPA packs strong notes of tropical and citrus fruits and light, semi-sweet malts. Certainly lighter than an American IPA, but still manages to hold its own as an easy-drinking, delicious beer.

    3. Neshaminy Creek Brewing– Croydon Cream Ale: Cream ales are a style that many craft breweries have overlooked, but Neshaminy Creek proves that when this style is done right it is a must try! The subtly sweet malts bring hints of biscuits with touches of floral hops for balance, all packed in a moderate 4.4 percent ABV. This lawnmower beer is a must have as the transition to summer occurs.

    4. Ballast Point– Even Keel: Another phenomenal session IPA from the brewery that knows IPAs. Sculpin IPA needs no introduction, but its younger, lighter brother weighs in at a very nimble 3.8 percent ABV and still manages to satisfy many hop lovers. Great notes of citrus fruits balance with a very solid malt bill that gives the appearance of a bigger beer. This is a beer for every occasion.

    5. Sam Adams– Boston Lager: Boston Lager is the beer that started it all. It’s still a delicious go-to beer and the availability in cans makes that even easier. Rich toasted malts are the highlight for this easy drinking lager that proves when something is done right the first time it is an instant classic.

    6. 21st Amendment– Down to Earth: 21A is another brewery that has been canning all of its beers for quite some time. Their brand new Down to Earth session IPA is an absolute must try this spring. An extremely clean IPA with huge notes of citrus and pine find perfect balance; all this at 4.4 percent ABV. Brew Free or Die is a standard in the American IPA category and Down to Earth is set to be a standard for session IPAs.

    7. Brooklyn Brewery– Summer Ale: While it’s not summer yet, this is a beer that will certainly help welcome in the season. Subtle light and sweet malts are balanced against a bright hop balance with strong notes of lemon. A very soft and easy-drinking beer that is thirst quenching and perfect for any day to relax and unwind.