B-Movie Corner: A movie so laughably bad, it’ll leave you in ‘Pieces.’

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    “Pieces” was released in 1983 in North America. The film had a very limited run in theaters and was widely panned by many audience members. “Pieces” languished in obscurity for most of its life until an uncut version was released for the first time in 2008 on DVD. Since then, the (cult) love for the film has flourished.

    The film opens in 1942 as 10-year-old Timmy plays with a jigsaw puzzle of a nude woman. Suddenly, his mother walks in. She punishes him, ordering Timmy to “burn everything.” Instead of following her order, Timmy gruesomely murders her with an axe and then saws her body with a hacksaw.

    The police arrive, breaking into the house through the front door. Timmy hides in the closet. The police enter the bedroom only to find a bloody mess. They open a closet door only to find the mother’s dismembered head. The police hear Timmy crying in the other closet and open the door to find him soaked in blood mumbling about a man. The police question the whereabouts of the father. The nanny replies that he is in Europe with the Air Force, but she also mentions that Timmy has an aunt, who lives an hour away and will take care of Timmy.

    Flash forward 40 years. An unseen person is shown opening a drawer. The figure takes out a box that contain his mother’s clothes, which are stained in blood. There is another box with pieces of the nude woman puzzle, which he starts putting together.

    The film moves to a college campus where a girl is studying in the grass. Nearby, an unknown person is seen working on the shrubbery with a chainsaw. A man dressed in black clothing approaches and saws off her head with the chainsaw.

    When the police arrive they cannot find the head anywhere and think the killer has it. This sets up the bloody plot outline for the film.

    “Pieces” features some of the most ridiculous dialogue you will ever hear in a film. Case in point: A scene where a pile of bloody body parts is discovered next to a bloody chainsaw. At the sight of this gory mess, the police question a professor, asking, “could these body parts have been cut up using this chainsaw?” Yes, very thought-provoking police work.

    There is a lot of gore in the film, so if you are squeamish, you may not want to watch. The bad writing and acting, however, makes it hard to believe the film. If you are looking for gore, there are plenty of sawed-off body parts, torsos cut in half and blood to match.

    “Pieces” transcends the it’s-so-bad-it’s-good tagline that many films have garnered. Instead, “Pieces” is so bad that you simply cannot turn away no matter what.