News of the weird: Toddler proms, plastic-eating bacteria and ‘designer’ leather top this week’s weird news

Designer Leather The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen (who dabbled in macabre collections, himself), might appreciate the work of acolyte Tina Gorjanc: She will grow McQueen’s skin (from DNA off his hair) in a lab, add back his tattoos, and from that make leather handbags and jackets. Gorjanc, a recent graduate of McQueen’s fashion school […]

News of the weird: Wrong ways to spend lottery money, bullet proof couch cushions and confused monkeys just some of this week’s topics

Frontiers of fashion As Americans’ fascination with guns grows, so, too, does the market for protection against all those flying bullets. Texan John Adrain has introduced an upscale sofa whose cushions can stop up to a .44 Magnum fired at close range, and is now at work on bullet-resistant window blinds. Another company, BulletSafe, recently […]

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