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Hairology: 2016 is the year for new trends and styles

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Carolyn Salvaggio
Amanda Hrycyna| Weekender


    Happy New Year, can’t believe it’s 2016 already. Wow!

    Last year the trends were supposed to be silver hair, also multicolor hair. We saw a lot of multicolor out there, and when styled properly, it worked.

    On the other hand, silver was a flop unless it was middle-aged and natural. The color white was trendy in clothing.

    So this year, my daughter Hilary and I are making our own predictions of style trends to keep an eye out for:

    Nude or blush for makeup.

    Light blue and blush for clothes.

    For hair, blush highlights can work, but let’s concentrate on the color black: Black with deep violet gloss; black with black cherry gloss; black with navy highlights.

    The astrological signs that will flock to this are Libra, Capricorn, Aries and Cancer.

    The glam business is going to get more brazen because women are fed up with the establishment and feel rebellious. Sizes two and four suck! Plus size gals are about to take over the real life runways. Come on, beautiful is in the eye of the beholder. Any size can pull it off if they try.

    The secret is having a talented and artistic stylist. Proper hairstyles and makeup can change a round face into an oval (the ideal shape) and elongate a short neck. So throw back your shoulders, strut down your own runway, and welcome the astro showers that are coming your way.

    Hate to write this, but Mercury (the communication planet) is going backwards in January until the middle of February, and Jupiter too (until April). That’s when you’ll see victory rising, businesses flourishing, and all the astrological signs singing, “Let the sun shine in!”

    I just love that song. Sorry, I’m showing my age.

    Until next month, happy Hairology and good luck strutting.

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at

    2016 brings out blushes and confidence

    By Carolyn Salvaggio

    For Weekender

    Carolyn Salvaggio Salvaggio Amanda Hrycyna| Weekender

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at