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'Surge' returns and is surging online

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Coca-Cola has answered the prayers of many, many 90's kids. USA Today reports that Surge is back on the market. Sort of. For a (possibly) limited time. A listing popped up on Amazon Monday for a limited supply of the liquid gold … er green, and the soda quickly sold out. Thirsty fans can still sign up to be notified when the product is back in stock. The revival is largely in part to thousands of social media...


Ricky Ubeda dances into our hearts

Ricky Ubeda began dancing at the age of 8 after watching a then new show on Fox called, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Fast forward 10 years, and the 18 year-old is now inspiring others to take up the art. In the process, he won season 11’s title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.”“To know that so many people love what you do is the most special feeling in the world,” Ubeda said in studio on “Ralphie Tonight.” “It was inc...

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GIRL TALK: Are you up for the job?

Let’s talk about sex, more specifically, hand jobs. Every girl thinks she is a master of the male anatomy and that all we need to do is glance in its general direction to make our guy happy, but it is actually more complicated than it looks. When it comes down to getting ready to do the mattress mambo, do we really know what we are doing or are we just making up the steps as we go along?

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Top 8 at 8 with Ralphie Aversa8. Jessie J/Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj-Bang Bang7. Sia-Chandelier6. Magic!-Rude5. Charli XCX-Boom Clap4. Maroon 5-Maps3. Meghan Trainor-All About That Bass2. Sam Smith-Stay With Me1. Taylor Swift-Shake It OffTop 10 Albums at Gallery of Sound1. Johnny Winter/Step Back2. Young Jeezy/Seen It All3. Maroon...

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I see nonsense lifting and useless exercises being done all the time. But then I always get the backlash statement, “well, at least I’m doing something and not sitting around.” A fair statement I suppose.However, I think there’s a certain type of person that always comes back with a statement like that and in my 20 years experience I’ve concluded that it’s the people that usually get no where with their training.I’ve alwa...

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Weekender Live, 9.10.14-9.16.14

Wednesday:Lower End: Beer Pong with DJ KKThursday:Breakers, Mohegan Sun: KaraokeLower End: Drunken DJ with Sexy KerriRodano’s: DJ Ryan KentonTommyboy’s: Karaoke w/ DJ Venom XFriday:Bar Louie, Mohegan Sun: Flaxy MorganBreakers, Mohegan Sun: Steiling NeilChacko’s: Gone Crazy Acoustic DuoGrotto Harvey’s...

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Attached is a Photo for Starstruck of Judy Krifka, West Wyoming, PA, with Edgar Winter at the Tampa Bay Airport, Tampa Bay, FL, on May 29, 2014.

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Show Us Some Skin

Cynthia HarrisWilkes-Barre

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Pet of the Week

Name: Sookie Breed:Owner’s name: April WilliamsLiving in: Wilkes-BarreName: Gizzy Breed: Teacup ChihuahuaOwner’s name: Don ThomasLiving in: Benton

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Counterspy will infiltrate your heart

Summer is called the game drought because there is a distinct lack of big blockbuster games. That is where the smaller indie games really stand out and thrive. The last few weeks have marked the release of some great indie games and one of the stand out titles of this season is the espionage thriller, “Counterspy”. One thing that makes spy thrillers so exciting is the high steaks, and what can be higher then stopping the United States and the Soviet Union from going to war by sabo...

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MAN OF THE WEEK: Jeremy Romani

Name: Jeremy RomaniAge: 28Hometown: Wilkes-BarreFavorite Weekender feature: The cover of it, I guess.Favorite bar/restaurant: Wherever has chicken wings, cheap beer, and open mic.What are you passionate about? Sustainable living.Who do you admire? Martyrs, Teachers, and Enemies.What’s something most people don’t know about you? I live too fast, I love too much, and I’ll die too young.Are ...

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MODEL OF THE WEEK: Cara Marie Walsh

Full name: Cara Marie WalshAge: 24Hometown: DunmoreFavorite Weekender feature: Model of the WeekFavorite bar/restaurant: The Keys !!What are you passionate about? I have a passion for all things beauty. I love making people feel good about themselves.Who do you admire? I admire people who aren’t afraid to go after their dreams.What’s something most people don’t know about you? I have a youtube chann...

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A Social State debuts 2nd LP

“We all got in a room to jam; there was zero intention of ever starting a band,” said A Social State vocalist/guitarist Ed Cuozzo upon the release of the Scranton-based four-piece’s second full-length, third overall release, “How To Get To Heaven.”Born from the ashes of Northeast Pennsylvania rock acts Melded, Losing Caufield, and Livingston amid those bands’ final breaths circa 2008, A Social State – very organically, mind you, came to be....

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QUICK CHORD: If You Will, Valet, and THE POSTURE

If You WillScranton, Pa.Sounds like: A blend of alternative, progressive rock, and funk. Their sound takes you on a ride, going up and down, and resulting in exploration.Fun fact: All of the members started as drummers, which is where the progressive technical side of our music comes from. Another fun fact is that our EP is based around Bill Hicks’s famous “it’s just a ride” speech.Fi...

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B Movie Corner:

While the zombie theme has spread into popular culture thanks to show like The Walking Dead and large Hollywood blockbusters such as World War Z, the true heart of these films lies in those which established the genre a number of years ago.Films such as George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead and of course the sequel Dawn of the Dead laid much of the groundwork and rules for what many regard as the modern zombie movie. There was certainly a great deal of other direct...

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I’D TAP THAT: Get ready for the great pumpkin

Description – Susquehanna Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Ale pours orange amber color with frothy off white head that dissipates quickly and leaves behind a very faint lacing on the glass.The aroma is full of pumpkin spice goodness with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger backed by hints of sweet crystal malts. The taste follows the nose with pumpkin spice notes up front that give way to a smooth sweet malt taste and feel leaving behind hints of caramel an...

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Tasty, spicy ‘Chicken riggies’ may be Utica’s best-kept secret

The idea for this new column, Test Kitchen, stemmed from an experiment in my own kitchen and a chat with newsroom staffers.I wanted to cook dinner for a few friends and my plan was to make pork chops. On the way to the store, I received a text message asking for a special dish called chicken riggies. The text was followed by an email containing a recipe.Chicken riggies is a dish native to Utica, New York. The pasta dish is a staple in many homes there, and the city even ...

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Kerri and Nicole Frail combine talents for cookbook

When Wilkes-Barre native Nicole Frail talks about cooking, eating and even cleaning up afterward, she makes it sound so much like a game that you want to grab a spatula or a dish towel and join right in.“It’s such a great time,” she said, describing cooking with her boyfriend, Matthew Magda, as an adventure. “We put on music when we cook and we’re in the top floor of an apartment building so it’s pretty warm all the time. We’re running for ...

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