QUICK CHORD: Anima Vox, Save Face, and Radio Room

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    Anima Vox

    Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

    Sounds like: Nostalgia-inducing electronic dream pop with a dash of modern dance music. It’s the perfect sound for a relaxing night in with your closest friends or a sleepy afternoon.

    Fun fact: Anima Vox makes all of his music alone in his bedroom.

    Find them: animavox.bandcamp.com, soundcloud.com/animavoxofficial,


    Save Face

    Central Jersey

    Sounds like: An alternative and punk mixture shaken not stirred.

    Fun fact: Less than a minute into their first song, someone got a black eye while moshing during their first show ever two years ago.

    Find them: saveface.bandcamp.com, facebook.com/savefacenj,

    Instagram/Twitter: @savefacenj, saveface.storenvy.com,

    savefacenj.tumblr.com, youtube.com/savefacenj

    Radio Room

    Dublin, Ireland

    Sounds like: Alternative/Indie/Post-Punk — filled with a unique singing and rapping blend backed by dreamy mixture of clean and distorted guitars.

    Fun fact: There’s secret things hidden all over their album because it was recorded live but no one has noticed yet and they doubt anyone ever will.

    Find them: facebook.com/radioroomdublin, soundcloud.com/radioroommusic,

    Twitter: @radioroommusic, Instagram: @ radio_room