By Amanda Dittmar - For Weekender

QUICK CHORD: Hybrid Sessions, Soul Low, and Sunstained

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    Hybrid Sessions

    Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

    Sounds like: Progressive rock, ska, and pop rock thrown into a blender and poured to perfection.

    Fun fact: Three of the members of Hybrid Sessions are brothers and the rest of them were in marching band together in high school.

    Find them:,, Twitter: @sybridhessions

    Soul Low

    Milwaukee, Wis.

    Sounds like: The Violent Femmes’ first record mixed with Jay Reatard vs Born Ruffians x surf music.

    Fun fact: Low Spirit is the solo project of Sam Checkoway from the band Sleeping Patterns.

    Find them:, Twitter: @soullowband,,


    Worcester, Mass.

    Sounds like: Emo/punk/post-rock. For those that like Title fight and Painos Become The Teeth.

    Fun fact: The band formed as a side project from a hardcore band they were doing before. They’ve been through 2 Line up changes, both for the better.

    Find them:,

    By Amanda Dittmar

    For Weekender

    Mike Answini photo, courtesy of Hybrid Sessions

    Photo courtesy of Soul Low

    Photo courtesy of Sunstained

    Photo courtesy of Sunstained