By Amanda Dittmar - For Weekender

QUICK CHORD: Ervasa, wen, and Catch the Break

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    Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

    Sounds like: Post hardcore influenced by Broadway and older Underoath with downbeat verses, and upbeat choruses.

    Fun fact: Ervasa is in the process of making an all acoustic album to appeal to people that are not fans of hardcore music.

    Find them:,,

    Twitter/Instagram: @ervasa_pa


    Woburn/Holliston, Mass.

    Sounds like: Blustery shoegaze with a touch of emo.

    Fun fact: Before the members of WEN write, they always play a game of basketball to 30 points MONO Y MONO. Their music is always a work in progress.

    Find them:,,, Twitter/Instagram: @WENBAND

    Catch the Break

    Andover, N.J.

    Sounds like: Dark, twisted, and fast mix of alternative and pop punk. Influenced by Shania Twain, Sean Paul, Underoath, and The B-52s.

    Fun fact: Catch the Break’s member Ryan lived off burritos for 23 days, give or take, and Steve has played most of their shows topless.

    Find them:,, Twitter/Instagram: @catchthebreaknj

    By Amanda Dittmar

    For Weekender

    Carma Media Inc. photo, courtesy of Ervasa

    Photo courtesy of wen

    Dieter Unrath Photography photo, courtesy of Catch the Break