By Amanda Dittmar - For Weekender

QUICK CHORD: Mat Burke, Abandon the Tides, and The Engine Of A Film

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    By Amanda Dittmar

    For Weekender

    Photo courtesy of Mat Burke

    Kyra Howell Photography photo, courtesy of Abandon the Tides

    Photo courtesy of The Engine Of A Film

    Mat Burke

    Scranton/Philadelphia, Pa.

    Sounds like: Bitter folk rock and cubical punk rock influenced by Bob Dylan, the Clash, Descendents, and Starwars.

    Fun fact: Mat grew up a punk rock kid and thought it was the only music that spoke to him and said anything real… that is until he heard Bob Dylan’s “like a rolling stone” and that changed everything.

    Find them:,

    Abandon the Tides

    Mount Laurel, N.J.

    Sounds like: Indie punk and emo grown in your basement. Their songs remind you that you’re not alone even when you feel lonely.

    Fun fact: The band really consists of guitarist Casey Greatrex and drummer Matt Brenner. Their first show together was to their parents and girlfriends.

    Find them:,, Instagram: @AbandonTheTides

    The Engine Of A Film

    Newton, N.J.

    Sounds like: A raw blend of emo and punk.

    Fun fact: Everyone in the band is influenced by Glocca Morra and we are all cashiers. The band also likes to get drunk together and listen to an entire album then rate and review it.

    Find them:,, Instagram: @theenginenj