Hairology: Get your tresses summer ready

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    Carolyn Salvaggio

    Spring has sprung—summer is upon us. We’ve seen gorgeous girls blooming like flowers as we created spectacular prom dos and makeup in May. We love prom styling and makeup and all that goes with it.

    Mercury, the planet of communications, is backwards. That means try not to lose anything, and what you begin now may need adjustments. Good luck.

    Aries: All is calm. You are the perfect sign for the new platinum look with a pastel toner. Any color at all Babe!

    Taurus: Your favorite month has passed, darn! But now it’s time for summer glow. Skin bronzer and hair scooped up in a JLo bun.

    Gemini: June is your action month. Mars rules hair. Get a haircut, a style that creates change.

    Cancer: While sitting in front of your new fire pit, plan your summer vacation and schedule a hair appointment so you’ll make a statement at the beach.

    Leo: The stars are calm enough for you to settle back and take a break from the colossal demands that come from always being number one. Before sitting in your stylist’s chair, schedule a water treatment service at the Spa.

    Virgo: Indulge! Highlights, lowlights, and just a half-inch off your length. Tape it if you feel the need to. I know how anxious you get about perfection.

    Libra: What goes around comes around. Braid it darling. Start with a side part and go full circle. Yes, braids are back.

    Scorpio: You are doing good. The tide is starting to change. You are looking brighter and more polished. Don’t neglect your hair; it’s time for a cut and color

    Sagittarius: Now is the time to get everything done once winter sets in Saturn, the disciplinarian planet, which sits on your sun (for the next two years). Remember, looking good attracts success.

    Capricorn: Venus (beauty) is flirting with Pluto (change) in June. I’m sure you have a vision. You can try waves—they’re back too. Yes! Old-fashioned finger waves formed, dried, and softened with a comb.

    Aquarius: Long, straight bangs, thick enough for chunky highlights. Try violet and orchid. After all, you are an edgy Aquarian.

    Pisces: A crown braid and a tight ponytail tied with a yellow ribbon.