5 Marijuana recipes that’ll make you wanna move to Colorado or Washington

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    f you still make pot brownies, you’re a basic bitch.
    Nowadays, cannabis edibles have expanded to a seemingly endless amount of options. From your breakfast to your birthday cake, recipes that include marijuana are passed along social media faster than a blunt in a high school parking lot just as the homeroom bell rings. If you can eat it, there’s probably a way you can get high off it, too.
    Testing those recipes may be tempting; but it’s important to remember it’s totally against the law here in Pennsylvania. There are only two states — Colorado and Washington — that will legally be able to have cannabis in their dinner on 4/20; putting an entirely new spin on the term, “pass the bowl.”
    Regardless of the law, it still doesn’t hurt to look and dream, right? (Cue people against the legalization of marijuana who are popping a vein in their necks right now.)
    In honor of 4/20, and in the spirit of Martin Luther King, dare yourself to dream with these five marijuana-infused recipes that’ll make you wanna move to Colorado or Washington tomorrow.
    1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Imagine indulging in these Strawberry Banana Pot Pancakes and getting stoned? Recipe at stupiddope.com