By Sarah Haase -

Editor’s note: Thanks for your vote, but we’re opting out

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    Dear readers,

    A few days ago, organizers of the Steamtown Music Awards alerted us that Weekender had garnered potentially hundreds of fake votes traced to computers overseas. Rather than have organizers begin the time-intensive process of trying to determine which votes were valid and which were not, we opted out of the competition altogether.

    While we’re flattered someone would go through the time and effort of fabricating votes on our behalf, we’d prefer to win based on our own merits. We respect the Steamtown Music Awards too much to try benefiting from a potentially rigged process.

    As for our partnership with the Steamtown Music Awards, we’ll still be there on the red carpet interviewing NEPA’s most talented musicians. And we’re really excited to hand out our Weekender award at the event.

    And to those who voted for Weekender as “Best Music Publication” and for Matt Mattei as “Best Music Journalist,” a sincere thank you.

    See you at the awards show!

    By Sarah Haase