Local news intern goes rogue, leaks behind-the-scenes dirt

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    An unidentified intern created an scandalous blog about their experience at a local news station called: “How about you get me coffee, bitch!”

    A disgruntled intern for a local television news outlet is spilling dirt in a new blog called “How about you get me coffee, bitch!”

    The 21-year-old broadcast journalism major isn’t revealing their gender, school or what station they interned for, but they’re revealing major behind-the-scenes secrets about what really goes on when the area’s most trusted TV journalists aren’t delivering the news.

    The aforementioned intern was upset when they weren’t afforded hands-on experience in their field of interest, according to the blog, available at wordpress.com/InternsArePeople. “I was promised firsthand practice, but all they wanted me to do was get them coffee and Tweet for them. It was straight-up bull,” they wrote in a post titled, “Slavery Is Illegal, Racist and Doesn’t Turn Anybody On.”

    The blog alleges a newly-promoted female anchor was prematurely awarded her position after performing fellatio on the news director while he sat on the desk of a morning meteorologist. “She’s such an opportunistic whore,” the intern wrote. “I heard she was a lesbian for free rent during her sophomore year in college.”

    The blog also leaked that a popular male reporter started taking hormones to transition his gender. “The announcement is supposed to take place the day after Caitlyn Jenner accepts her ESPY courage award in July, for the sake of ratings,” the blog claims. “Nobody will be surprised. He already wears so much makeup you’d swear his grandmother was Mrs. Doubtfire,” the post adds.

    Another claim suggests a well-known female anchor recently gave birth to a baby boy. “She was so proud to make the announcement to viewers, but they wouldn’t allow her to reveal that she was pregnant or had a baby because she wasn’t married. They thought it would put a bad taste in the mouths of viewers,” the intern wrote. “She wasn’t even allowed a maternity leave. She was given one week to recover from her complicated delivery. When she defended herself, the news director spit in her face and said she brought it on herself for being allergic to latex and not wearing a condom,” says the intern.

    The intern also claimed that the station scripts news stories on slow news days. “There was one day when nothing was going on, so the news director paid a single mom on welfare $100 bucks to pretend someone broke into her home,” they claimed. “She didn’t want to lie, but she really needed to feed her four children of all different ethnic backgrounds,” said the intern. The intern said she bought two boxes of Nardone’s pizza and spent the rest of the money on cigs.

    Since the first post on June 1, the blog has reached 250,000 hits — with more scoping it out every day. We may not know who the reporters are or which station it is, but it’s pretty scandalous to know this is allegedly going on behind the scenes of a local television news source.

    Which local news outlet do you think it is?