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Someone from Wilkes-Barre is on NBC’s “The Blacklist”

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    Tune in to NBC tonight to see a Wilkes-Barre local putting Northeastern Pennsylvania on the map for something other than being a serial killer or a deafeningly rambunctious kid who stole the heart of Ellen DeGeneres. Tattoo artist Bruce Fairchild landed a guest role on the hit drama “The Blacklist” that puts him in the center of a pivotal plot twist.

    “The character Tom Keen — he’s played by Ryan Eggold — is back. He’s going deep undercover and getting a tattoo. It’s something major for his character,” Fairchild said.

    Fairchild filmed the episode last month. It airs at 9 p.m. tonight on NBC. He plays the tattoo artist giving Eggold’s character some ink.

    “They wanted a real feel to the tattoo scene, so they wanted a real tattoo artist,” Fairchild said.

    The Triple 6 Tattoos artist said he never thought he would be on television, but jumped on the opportunity when a friend associated with producers were looking for someone to play a tattoo artist.

    “It was very surreal. Everybody had a great attitude on set. It felt just like a bunch of friends hanging around making a TV show. I loved being part of it,” Fairchild said.

    “The Blacklist” is a hit drama for NBC, currently in its second season. Starring James Spader, the series follows a former U.S. Navy officer turned high-profile criminal, who eluded capture for decades. He surrenders to the FBI, offering to cooperate on capturing a list of virtually impossible to catch criminals. Sounds juicy, right?

    Fairchild is excited to see himself on tonight’s episode of “The Blacklist.” He said he plans to celebrate by watching the show with a group of friends.

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    Wilkes-Barre tattoo artist lands guest role on NBC’s “The Blacklist”

    Times Leader Staff Report

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