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Want to be a European noble? You can add the title of Lord or Lady to your name for less than $50

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Still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lord or lady? Have you considered literally buying them the title of Lord or Lady?

Highland Titles, an environmentally-minded charity in Scotland, has started selling souvenir plots on its estate in Lochaber, Scotland, for as little as $47.99 for one square foot of land.

It may be barely enough to stand on, but that land comes with a legal title deed on velum parchment, a map and directions to the purchased plot, a bumper sticker declaring lordly status and (most importantly) the Master Title Deed required to legally add Lord, Lady or the Scottish Laird to bank accounts, driver licenses and other forms of ID.

The organization uses the money raised from selling souvenir plots to fund woodland rescue, tree planting and acquisition of land in danger of being lost to development. In exchange, you can legally require people to call you “his lordship” or “her ladyship.”

Reach Gene Axton at 570-991-6121 or on Twitter @TLArts

Conservationalist charity Highland Titles offering plots of land in Scotland that legally bestow title

By Gene Axton

Reach Gene Axton at 570-991-6121 or on Twitter @TLArts