Would you take life advice from Ari Gold? ‘Entourage’ character shares secret to success in new book

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    Actor Jeremy Piven jokes as he blocks a photographer’s shot while he arrives for a screening of HBO’s series “Entourage,” Wednesday, May 25, 2005, in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles.

    If you were a fan of the HBO series “Entourage” during its eight-season run (2004-2011), there’s a good chance Ari Gold is your spirit animal. Sure, it was fun living vicariously through on-the-rise movie star Vincent Chase as he dated Mandy Moore, borrowed Jessica Alba’s beach house and partied with Bob Saget at a prostitute’s mansion — but the ruthless Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven, was so powerfully ruthless that some viewers would have preferred to be him.

    Michael Milani of Scranton says he’s always been a fan of Ari Gold. “I’ve always been a fan of his and I try to model my business attitude on his,” Milani said. “He’s the definition of a boss.”

    Now anybody can be as bad ass as Gold. He published a book earlier this month, “The Gold Standard: Rules to Rule By,” offering invaluable tips on how to be as much of a bad ass mother f-cker in work and life as the power-agent himself.

    Sure, Gold is just a character — but fans of the show consider him to be larger than life.

    “This is my new Bible,” says a review by J. Charles on Amazon.com. “Like the Torah, but Better! Spurs you to get off your ASS and get your life in order! LOVE IT!!”

    Some of Gold’s rules to live by include:

    • You don’t have any power until you have all the power.

    • Happiness can’t buy money.

    • Tell the important part of the truth.

    • If you don’t have enemies, get some.

    Sounds pompous but true, right?

    The release of the book comes just in time for “Entourage” fans. The highly anticipated reunion jumps from the small screen to movie theaters Wednesday, June 3. Before you purchase your ticket and stock up on popcorn and Milk Duds, maybe you’ll want to read the book so you can be just as much of a bad ass as Gold by the time the movie is released.