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    Mandy Myers of High Point Greens makes a cleanse blend juice. 5/24/2015 Aimee Dilger|Times Leader

    Mandy Myers of High Point Greens makes a cleanse blend juice. 5/24/2015 Aimee Dilger|Times Leader

    Mandy Myers has the juice — and she’s on the loose. The Forty Fort resident offers a cold-pressed juicing service with High Point Greens Juicing Company. The juicing service offers organic and pesticide-free juices delivered straight to the doors of anyone in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties interested in jump-starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Myers admits she isn’t a doctor but said she can empathize with people who want to adopt a healthier way of living. Juicing saved her husband, Billy Hurt’s, life and the “quality” of their life together.

    “About two years ago, in December of 2013, my husband was going for a regular check-up and found out that his cholesterol was out of whack. His blood-pressure was out of whack. He clearly had extra weight on his body. I just had a baby. We weren’t making good dietary choices,” Myers said. “The doctor told him he was going to have to put him on cholesterol medication, blood-pressure medication.”

    Instead of turning to the pharmacy, Myers said they decided to survey other possible solutions.

    “Doctors are really trained to fix,” Myers said. “They’re not necessarily trained to prevent. What his doctor was telling him to do was to the best of his knowledge and training, and he was going to attempt to fix his situation through medications — which probably work and a lot of people have success with whatever path they choose.”

    After fiercely self-educating themselves through reading and watching documentaries, Myers and Hurt discovered the act of juicing plant-based foods.

    “My husband wasn’t dying at this point, so we had a window of opportunity to go down an alternative path,” Myers said. Not under the advice of a doctor, but under the care of one, she said her husband began a 60-day juice cleanse that helped him lose 90 pounds and take control of his health. Even Myers joined in on the cleanse for 10 days. She said she took control of her health — and lost 27 pounds in the process. “We are extreme examples,” Myers said. They also gave their intestines a break, had their nutrition instantly absorbed and experienced mental clarity, she said.

    Realizing that everybody arrives at the decision to cleanse in different ways — and knowing that she’s not a nutritional expert — Myers said she and Hurt felt compelled to provide a service for people who wanted to experience the same benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

    “Juicing can be an overwhelming task,” Myers said. “The process of cleansing is already a mental and physical exercise. So when you’re standing in the kitchen on day two and you’re hungry, you just want to throw the juicer against the wall. The benefit of a juicing company is that they don’t have to think of the logistics of it. Instead, they can concentrate on their goals.”

    Nancy Medico, has a busy schedule working at Sakari Salon in Forty Fort. She is a regular client. Medico said eating right takes a second place to getting things done. “High Point Greens gave me the best of both worlds,” Medico said. “The time to eat right and get the benefits of juicing without missing a step in my day.”

    Myers said she has 35 consistent clients. “I have the one-time clients who just want to fit into their bridesmaid dresses and clients who use the three-day cleanse to kick-start their health each month.” She said she has clients going through chemotherapy who can’t hold down solid foods.

    High Point Greens Juicing Co. offers one and three-day cleanses or a five-day fast that consists of a proprietary blend that includes beets, carrots, kale, Swiss chard and more. Myers said each new client is given a consultation that adjusts the blend to taste and food allergies.

    The service starts at $65 for a one-day cleanse. A three-day cleanse is $179 and goes up to $249 for a five-day fast. Group rates are available.

    Myers encourages anyone interested in her services to email or call 570.328.0467.