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MEET: Wayne Newton, living legend

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Wayne Newton
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    Wayne Newton was scheduled to perform on Nov. 7 inside the Keystone Grand Ballroom at Mohegan Sun Pocono. The performance was recently canceled. Ticket refunds are available at point of purchase. More information about refunds can be provided by calling 1-888-WIN-IN-PA.

    Newton’s career has spanned 70 years, with 165 albums under his belt, more than 25,000 Las Vegas performances, and an unforgettably epic role in “Vegas Vacation.”

    Before the show was canceled, the acclaimed entertainer got personal with Weekender, and told us why it’s more fun to go out than stay home to Netflix and chill.

    You’ve performed alongside legends including Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, and Lucille Ball. What modern day performer would you like to collaborate with if you had the opportunity?

    For me, one of the finest talents out there today would be Bruno Mars. I think I’d like to do something with him. I like the kinds of music that I see him leaning to. I like the fact that he uses a big band. He has the instrumentation that I have become used to over the years. He’s more cult. He’s old-school. I think I would be more cultural with him than any one else I could think of out today.

    What’s something that nobody knows about you?

    Two things immediately come to mind, because I don’t get that question often. The two things that most people don’t know is that, if I walk into a room, and if a painting is askew, I will straighten it up. I’m also that way with lights. If a light is out in a restaurant, or a place like that, it gives me a bad feeling about the way they take care of everything else. So, it’s the little things. And the other thing most people don’t know about me, is the thing that will anger me the quickest, is rudeness. If someone is rude to someone, or me, or anybody else, that angers me. It’s my southern upbringing.

    When you’re not performing, would you rather Netflix and chill or have a night out on the town? I think have a night out on the town.

    Are you familiar with the term ‘Netflix and chill’?

    No, I’m not.

    It’s when you stay in and decide to have a date night, pretty much.

    Yeah, I prefer a night out. When I have a night on the town, I end up learning something. And I enjoy learning. I tend to pick up the way people do things differently. If I’m going to see a show, for example, I’m very aware of the lights, and the sound, and how they set the stage, and how that effects me as a patron.

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    Legendary cancels performance at Mohegan Sun Pocono.

    By Justin Adam Brown

    Wayne Newton Newton Submitted photo

    Reach Justin Adam Brown at 570-991-6652 or on Twitter @TLArts. Follow him on Instagram and Snapchat @justinadambrown