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Hairology: Get your style ready for fall but do it the way the stars say

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Carolyn Salvaggio


    Happy September. It’s a crazy month. Two eclipses, Mercury (the communications) planet goes backwards until mid-October, and Saturn (the disciplinarian) planet enters Sagittarius for two and a half years. (I’m a Sagittarius.)

    Also, Neptune, the delusional planet, hurls astro bleach and peroxide at Saturn. Duck Sags, Geminis, Virgos and Pisces, you are in for a foggy blizzard. It’s not that your dreams will be crushed, but you will have to work harder to achieve them!

    As far as hair is concerned, Neptune is the reason why the color pallet is silver hair! Yep, silver as in gray, as in silver trays and stainless steel appliances. Uh-huh. Ask your guy if he would like you with silver hair.

    Also for all signs, think back to the ’60s and ’70s: The Beatles, Captain and Tenneal, Dorothy Hamil, Mia Farrow. Bowls, wedges, shags, pixies, the Bohemian look—casual, effortless, beach waves again, braids, hippy chic, long flower print dresses and skirts, bangle bracelets.

    I read that the Osterhout Library is hosting a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” affair this month. Oh how I long for the polished, coiffed French twist with a pouf at the crown.

    Here are my recommendations this month:

    Aries: Choppy, layered bob. Ask your stylist to razor it.

    Taurus: Long and blonde with V-cut edges.

    Gemini: An asymmetric wedge, short in the back to long on one side. Flip it up, color it strawberry blonde.

    Cancer: Silver moon. Dark long fringe and waves. Oh yeah, have your stylist give you a silver streak.

    Leo: A round, layered shag, oval bang, undone disheveled look.

    Virgo: Try to imitate Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” if just for one night.

    Libra: Braids everywhere—a combo of large, small, medium. Tuck it wherever. After two days, release the braids and comb it with your fingers. Another do (two in one).

    Scorpio: Comb crown forward, and tuck it with a clip. Wave the sides and back, then release the crown, divide in three sections, then loop it over the waves.

    Sagittarius: You are going to need a good laugh, so bleach it silver.

    Capricorn: Have your colorist dye it red violet. Fringe from cheekbone to length of hair, side part.

    Aquarius: Bohemian! Head band tied around forehead, tousle your hair so it looks like your rolled in the hay. You might want to sing “The Age of Aquarius.”

    Pisces: Pixie. Short, bleached, then color it pink.

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at

    What do the stars have inline for your do?

    By Carolyn Salvaggio

    For Weekender

    Carolyn Salvaggio Salvaggio

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at