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Hairology: A few more weeks to celebrate summer in style

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Carolyn Salvaggio


    Happy August. If you didn’t make vacation memories last month, you still have time. If you can’t get to the beach, frolic in a pool, play games, definitely have a summer drink. This month the majority of the stars are crowded together in Leo, the social planet, so party it up!

    Aries: Since you will be the grand hostess this month, have your hair colored, and then wear a sleek ponytail.

    Taurus: A reunion with family members is your priority. You can surprise them with a new hairstyle. Long or short, the color of the month is blonde.

    Gemini: You could be taking another vacation this month, most likely with family (siblings). The Shag is back; girls, boys, and kids—it works.

    Cancer: It should be a decent money month, so call your stylist for color, highlights, lowlights and cut. You’ll look great for your nights out.

    Leo: Party. Party until you’re dizzy. A lot of blonde, wave it and shake it, especially on the dance floor.

    Virgo: August should be good to you for a change. You might receive some good news later in the month, so you need to look the part. Try the latest bob.

    Libra: Take a break from the uncertainty and sudden upside down clouds that have been coming your way. A whole head of beach waves is bound to bring sunshine.

    Scorpio: The November 20, 21 and 22 Scorpios have a tiny challenge this month, and then it’s over and you can party and party. Go dark and let it grow long. Be sexy!

    Sagittarius: The stars will begin to challenge you soon, so get prepared. Make an appointment for color, then before you party scoop all your hair to one side and arrange it into a messy Bun.

    Capricorn: Be different. Get a Pixie, then have your stylist comb some colors of your choice into it. Have a great time.

    Aquarius: Get a geometric haircut. May I suggest two or three vivid colors to add to the spectrum.

    Pisces: Since you’re having a hard time thinking clearly lately, may I suggest a full bang, long and straight, with a gloss.

    Talk to you next month.

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at

    What do the stars have inline for your do?

    By Carolyn Salvaggio

    For Weekender

    Carolyn Salvaggio Salvaggio

    Carolyn is author of Hairology and can be reached at Star Tresses, (570) 283-0200 or at