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Tap This: Two Roads Brewery beers now available in NEPA

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    Two Roads Brewing Company is a Connecticut brewery familiar to many craft beer lovers. Its beers have developed a reputation for being full-flavored yet balanced whether it be a high ABV barrel-aged Russian imperial stout or a light pilsner. Easy drinkability has remained a focus. This focus has paid off with very rapid growth opening up distribution to NEPA.

    The brewery began in 2012, which is quite surprising to note due to its high viability and growth. Two Roads has grown steadily since its inception which has kept them on track and focused on brewing great beer.

    The brewery has an extensive beer portfolio and a range of year-round options that seemingly offer something for everyone. The other key with Two Roads lies in its brewmaster. Phil Markowski has been brewing great beers since the 1980s and literally wrote the book on Belgian farmhouse ales.

    Markwoski’s book, “Farmhouse Ales,” is widely regarded as the most in-depth look at the history and brewing techniques involved in the style. This passion for beer and tradition shines through in his beers. The love for the style also is proven in his saisons that are steeped in tradition and flavor.

    There is not one factor that makes one brewery more popular then another, but there are two factor that are always true for great breweries: balance and drinkability. Sure, a great hop forward DIPA with enough hops to melt the enamel off your teeth is good some times. A big double digit ABV barrel-aged imperial stout is the perfect treat as times. A well balanced, highly drinkable beer though is always in high demand and Two Roads has a plethora of them.

    If you have not tried any beers from Two Roads yet, where should you start? Here is a short list of beers from Two Roads available at many of your favorite places, but be warned one sip and you will be hooked!

    Road 2 Ruin: We start with a big, juicy 8 percent ABV DIPA. This is a beer not for the timid or those who are not hop lovers. The strong hop profile is evident from first sniff. The hearty malt backbone provides balance and this is an easy drinking DIPA. The dry finish is textbook and leaves you wanting more. Hop lovers will want to get their hands on this one.

    Workers Comp Saison: Two Roads brewmaster Phil Markowski knows his way around the saison/ farmhouse ale style. This beer shows the proverbial proof in the pudding. The light, and traditional, 4.8 percent ABV is an obvious nod to tradition but despite the light ABV this beer explodes with flavor that is primarily yeast driven. Strong notes of tropical fruits balanced against a peppery spice flavor is phenomenal for a beer that is both intensely flavored and delicate.

    Ol’ Factory Pils: The pilsner style is often overlooked due to many macro breweries having ruined the style. However, it is the perfect beer style to try to know how good the brewery is. There is not much to hide behind with a beer this light. Ol’ Factory Pils proves that Two Roads is an incredible brewery, and that the Pilsner is a style that many more beer lovers should enjoy.

    Roadsmary’s Baby: Fall is almost here and with it pumpkin beers. There is no shortage of pumpkin beers available, but there is a shortage of great pumpkin beers available. Roadsmary’s Baby stands above the pumpkin beer landscape. This rich and decadent beer features a delicious caramel malt backbone with notes of pumpkin spice, vanilla, oak and subtle hints of rum. Stock up on this one and enjoy on a chilly fall evening.

    No matter what your favorite beer style is Two Roads has a year round offering for you. It has an incredible amount of world class seasonal offerings too. Try some of the beers and support this new kid on the block, it may become your new favorite.

    By Derek Warren

    For Weekender

    Derek Warren is a beer fanatic, avid homebrewer and beer historian. Derek can be heard weekly on the Beer Geeks Radio Hour at noon on Sundays on WILK 103.1 FM with past episodes available on iTunes.

    Derek Warren is a beer fanatic, avid homebrewer and beer historian. Derek can be heard weekly on the Beer Geeks Radio Hour at noon on Sundays on WILK 103.1 FM with past episodes available on iTunes.