I hate the winter. I’m the first to admit it.

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First Posted: 1/23/2013

I hate the winter. I’m the first to admit it.

The cold eats right through me, and I hate having to roll out of bed earlier every other day to shovel snow before work.

Winter storms usually mean cancelled concerts and awful driving conditions. What good can you possibly say about winter?

Well, we found a few things in this week’s issue.

There’s plenty to do outside if you bundle up, but if you prefer, there are some unique indoor activities that will keep you warm as well. My favorite way to keep warm is to just stay inside, but I am going to give that dodgeball team a shot. (Read pages 32 and 33 for more on that.) As long as I don’t have to dodge wrenches, I don’t think it will be as bad as my grade school gym class.

Though if I had to choose between the bitter cold and some bitter steel, I may choose the latter. It would at least give me an excuse to stay inside and sleep this season away.

-Rich Howells, Weekender Editor