ALBUM REVIEW: Chameleon shows its many colors

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First Posted: 3/5/2013

You could try to categorize Chameleon’s music, but why bother? Sure, there are distinguishable elements of pop, hard rock, electronica, and even a tinge of deep-souled blues in the New York City duo’s mix. Throw in the indie, club-rockin’ beat hypnosis of producer Doctor Robert and the lines further become blurred. How Chameleon is best enjoyed, however, is with a blank musical palette – fireworks of sonic vitality buzzing your consciousness.

Consisting of stratospheric vocalist Chloe Lowery and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Ross, a vocal titan in his own right, these two aural bohemians formed Chameleon in 2011 after hitting it off while touring as featured vocalists in Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Their progressive musical ideas led to the tracks on this debut EP, like “LA Chameleon,” a cut with percussive click-track liftoff, bass-heavy mechanized keyboards, and Lowery’s breathy sass.

“Uh Huh” takes in a streetwise, urban double-bass groove and adds manic jazz horns, while the title track is ambient chaos – symphonic violin swells over dream-hushed synths, Lowery’s voice gathering to pitch-perfect wails of wide-eyed expression. “Boom” is an Evanescence-meets-Stabbing Westward flashpoint of digital rock psychedelica, Ross’s noise guitar wanderings thick with feel. Closing out the EP, “I Didn’t Call” is a gorgeously simple cello/piano-accompanied heart-letting expression – Lowery’s low-key vocal honesty is almost painful.

Torrential in its creative power, yet still containing catchy, delicate nuances, Chameleon manages to tame its would-be musical savagery with genre-warping, charismatic results. The band is offering “Something in the Water” as a free download at – blow your mind for nothing out of pocket.

Chameleon ‘Something in the Water’ Rating: W W W W W