Weekender Live, 5.22.13-5.28.13

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First Posted: 5/21/2013

Wednesday, May 22

279 Bar & Grill: StingRay Blues

Bart and Urby’s: Musicians Showcase w/ A.J. Jump

Hops and Barley’s: Firefly Karaoke w/ DJ Bounce

Liam’s: Ourtownradio open mic/Karaoke/DJ Flip/Broadcasted Live on OTR Lower End: Open mic w/ DJ Tex

Metro: Karaoke w/ Joe 8-12

River Street Jazz Café: Open Mic

Ruth’s Chris: Live music in the lounge Thirst T’s: DJ MC

Tommy Boys: Foosball @ 8

Woodlands: Nowhere Slow Duo @ SKYY Vū

Thursday, May 23

279 Bar & Grill: Alica Lynn, Jody Busch & Bruce Feist

Bart and Urby’s: Trivia Night

Bottle Necks: Speaker Jam Karaoke Night @ 10

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: Beat City @8

Carey’s Pub: Free Jukebox 8-1

Chacko’s: Kartune

Huns’ Café West: What’s Going On Duo

Lower End: DJ Tracey Dee/Cee

Metro: College Night w/ DJ RKH 9-1

River Street Jazz Café: The Blind Owl Band

Eerie Folk – Dream Pop

Thirst T’s: Jackson vee

Woodlands: Club HD inside Evolution Nightclub w/ DJ DATA. Streamside bandstand- DJ KEV – Hosted by 97 BHT

Friday, May 24

279 Bar & Grill: Teddy Young & The Aces

Arturo’s: Vinyl Daze

Bart and Urby’s: Gene Burke/ Zayre Mountain

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: UUU @ 9:30

Brews Brothers, Luzerne: DJ Ooh Wee 90’s Night

Brews Brothers, Pittston: Country Night w/ DJ Crocket from Froggy 101

Charlie B’s: DJ Tony K @ 9

Crossroads: Mr. Echo

Grotto, Harveys Lake: Weekender/Coors Light Summer Deck party 5:30-7:30, Comfort Zone

Grotto, Wyoming Valley Mall: One Shaved Head

Hops & Barley’s: Indoor Summer Deck Party

Liam’s: The Society

Lower End: Free Jukebox

Metro: Big Daddy Dex 6-9/ I AM BUFFALO Trio 9-1

Newport Twp. Fireman’s Picnic, Sheatown: Iron Cowboy 7:30-11:30

Plymouth Rock Bar: DJ Son of a Drifter – Karaoke

River Street Jazz Café: Bob Dylan’s Birthday Bash w/ Nathyn Knott & Before the Flood opening Charles Havira

Stan’s Café: 3rd Degree Trio 9:30-1:30

Thirst T’s: Nowhere Slow

Tommy Boys: Doug & Sean Duo

Woodlands: Evolution Nightclub – DJ SLM JMM Top 40 & Club Music w/ Host 98.5 KRZ’s Fishboy & Stealing Neil – Streamside/Exec

Saturday, May 25

279 Bar & Grill: Dave Matthews acoustic tribute by Dustin Switzer & Friends

Arturo’s: Full Circle

Bart and Urby’s: Sean and Doug

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: Nowhere Slow @ 9:30

Brews Brothers, Luzerne: Steve Martin & The Jerks

Brews Brothers, Pittston: UFC 160

Charlie B’s: 3rd Degree @ 9

Liam’s: Zayre Mountain

Lovelton Inn: Mr. Echo

Lower End: Open Mic

Metro: The Band Jax 9-1

Newport Twp. Fireman’s Picnic, Sheatown: Eddie Derwin & Polka Naturals 5-8 p.m., 40 Lb. Head 8-12

Plymouth Rock Bar: Gone Crazy River Street Jazz Café: Clarence Spady Band Rock Scare 9:30-1:30

Senunas’: PaulSKO

Stan’s Café: Dashboard Mary Duo 9:30-1:30

Thirst T’s: Hostile Authority

Tommy Boys: Kyra Duo

Woodlands: Evolution Nightclub – 98.5 KRZ Double Shot Weekend Your Bachelorette Party Headquarters DJ Davey B & DJ Kev the Rev Playing Top 40 & Club Music w/ Host “Fishboy” from 98.5 KRZ & Sweet Pepper & Long Hots Streamside Bandstand & Executive Lounge

Vesuvio’s: Upper Echelon

Sunday, May 26

279 Bar & Grill: Gypsy ft. Ron & Bret from the Badlees & Shawn Z

Arena Bar & Grill: 40 Lb. Head w/ special guest DJ MO

Arturo’s: DJ Mike The Godfather Dancin’ Somethin’

Carey’s Pub: Karaoke w/ DJ Santiago

Grotto, Harvey’s Lake: Stingray & The Blues Crew

The Getaway Lounge: Mr. Echo

Lower End: Bike Night Metro: Big Daddy Dex 6-9p/ Strawberry Jam (full band) 9p-1a

Newport Twp. Fireman’s Picnic, Sheatown: Gone Crazy 7:30-11:30

Thirst T’s: 3 Headed Monster Tour with The Switch, Pissed and Miserable and Governing Murphy 9p-1:30a

Woodlands: 90 Proof w/ DJ Fritz & That 90’s Band Streamside/Exec

Monday, May 27

279 Bar & Grill: 279 House Band

Lower End: Kamikaze Karaoke

Plymouth Rock Bar: NEPA Beer Pong

Tuesday, May 28

Brews Brothers, Luzerne: The Black Kocks of Echo Creek

Grotto, Harveys Lake: Sperazza Duo

Hops & Barleys: Aaron Bruch

Jim McCarthy’s: Wanna B’s Karaoke

Metro: Karaoke 8-12

Tommy Boys: Open Mic

Woodlands: Dodge City Duo at SKYY Vū DeckBar