SECURELY FASHIONED: The I do’s and don’t’s of wedding attire

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First Posted: 6/24/2013

Wedding season is in full swing. If you aren’t in the wedding party with designated outfits, you face the dreaded “What should I wear?” Well, my friends, it all depends.

The golden rule is “Do not wear white.” Some think that rule is outdated; I think it should be written in stone. Leave the sequins, loud patterns, and super short or super tight attire at home. Keep the focus on the wedding party, and most importantly, the couple exchanging vows.

I know weddings are a fun place to show off or to meet new people, especially if you are a single friend, but keep it classy, at least until after the cake is cut. I know from experience. (Shout out to my BFF – sorry!)

Keep shapes classic and simple. Wear something made of breathable material for spring and summer. You don’t want to be a sweaty uncomfortable guest squirming in your seat, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. Speaking of outdoor weddings – if you are wearing heels, bring a set of High Heelers from Solemates. The small plastic heel protector caps come in four colors and allow you to walk safely on grass, cobblestone, or anything else difficult to navigate with sky highs – because nothing is worse for your dignity or your shoes than getting your spike heel stuck in the grass every…single…step. You may also want to bring a pair of foldable flats for a long night of dancing. Or drinking. Your balance may be compromised, and your feet will definitely be sore mid-reception.

Sleeveless dresses with light jackets or scarves are perfect for layering in case it gets chilly at night or very warm during the day. Guys would also benefit from bringing a short sleeve version of their shirt to change into after pictures and the actual ceremony.

Light pastels are a pretty option. Just make sure they are in thin, breathable summer fabrics. Hats are also perfect for mid-afternoon outdoor weddings. Just not too big – you don’t want it to be distracting.

Don’t want to wear black? (Everyone wore black to my spring wedding. I didn’t take it personally.) Try navy and brighten it up with a few cream-colored accessories or layers. It will also give you a classic nautical vibe. Opt out of a skirt and chose some lightweight high-waisted palazzo pants with a wedge sandal.

The mother of the bride or groom will benefit from mixing wedding party colors into her own wardrobe. Don’t wear a dress that resembles the bridesmaids’, but keep in the color family and pick single pieces that compliment or match. The father of the bride should wear whatever the mother of the bride or the bride suggests.

It’s very fun to dress up the kiddies, but try to keep the tulle to a minimum. If they are in a tulle-lined frilly dress all day in the heat, you may have an overheated, rashy cranky pants on your hands. Also, bring a change of shoes for the little ones. Most fancy shoes hurt. Hey, just like adult shoes!

-Erin Rovin has been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years and writes for various national gossip publications. You can reach Erin at