Down in Mexico…err, Scranton

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First Posted: 9/23/2013

It’s no secret that The Great Party is an incredibly unique band – its Ameri-Pop style is one not often heard (if ever, outside of the band itself) in this area. The group, who has already released a video for the song “Theresa” off the self-titled EP, has put together quite the spectacle in producing a video for another song off the EP, “Hecho En Mexico.” The Great Party, in conjunction with The Vintage, is hosting a release show for the video Sept. 28 at TwentyFiveEight Studios (703 N. Washington Ave., Rear, behind Cooper’s).

There is an aura of dark humor surrounding the video, in which band members Mike Eastman, Rosaleen Eastman, Matt Mang, Michael Nordberg, and Matthew Thomas suit up in their best Day of the Dead attire.

The Day of the Dead is a holiday that takes place on Nov. 1 and 2 of mainly Mexican heritage that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember those who have passed on. Fitting, given the basis of the song.

“The song is about a guy who’s got a thing for a dead girl,” Rosaleen said, before laughted broke out and her husband Mike chimed in with, “Honestly, I did not even know that until right now.”

The group’s playfulness and sense of humor shines through in the video.

“There is some grave digging,” Mike Eastman said, “but there’s also a fun twist. We’re having a traditional party on a grave site but, instead, we’re digging someone up.”

The shoot took place over two days in June, directed by Zac Stuart-Pontier, with a crew coming in from New York. A bevy of extras helped make up the party scene.

This project was supported by a Lackawanna County Arts And Culture Grant through the Lackawanna County Commissioners and Council On Arts Culture and Education.

The release show will serves as a Day of the Dead party all its own. There will be free Day of the Dead face painting, which earns those that hit up The Bog in Scranton afterwards an extended happy hour. Not only will The Great Party be performing but there will

also be free face painting, custom crafts from Alchemy Home Company including a Sugar Skull scent created just for the occasion, food by Eden-A-Vegan Cafe, an educational piece on the Day Of The Dead holiday, and an opening set of music by A Fire With Friends.

The Great Party would like to thank Stuart-Pontier, David Jacobsen, John Ferguson, The Lackawanna County Arts & Culture Department, Donna and Matty Thomas, Suzie Frisch, Beth Thomas, and the rest of the crew and all the extras for making the filming of “Hecho En Mexico” such a great experience.

The party will not only be the first time local audiences are being treated to the video, but also the first time the band itself will see it in full.

“We’ve seen about 90 percent up until this time,” Mike Eastman said, before bursting into laughter. “I mean, it can be an animated feature for all we know.”