ALBUM REVIEW: Restorations ready for success

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First Posted: 4/22/2013

Bold and fresh with a definitive but experimental sound, Restorations’ record “LP2,” released April 2, is the punk rock album of 2013 everyone is looking for. “LP2” is easily comparable to something The Menzingers would make, but is easily set apart in its own category of musical genius. The lead singer’s harsh, made-for-rock vocals paired with intense guitar riffs and many different blends of instrumental mastery are smoothed out by thoughtful and engaging lyrics. However, the thing that sets this album apart, the thing that will take this album to the top, lies in the seemingly effortless organization of its tracks.

“D” opens the album with a bright and arousing guitar intro and pulls the listener in immediately when the vocalist comes in strong with perfectly choppy lyrics such as “finding symmetry in the disarray.” Moving through folk, Americana, pure punk rock, and little bits of many other genres as they blend and establish their own upbeat unique sound, it becomes almost impossible to pin a favorite; rather, it becomes acceptable to have nine new favorite, jam-worthy songs. The climax of this album, containing some absolutely poetic and raw musical moments, comes in the song “New Old.” Pure chills radiate off of the halt in instrumentals, minus guitar, to make way for the harmony in the lyrics: “I am 5, I am 50, I am 15.”

This six-minute closure starts off with a psychedelic intro, maintained subtly under the remainder of the track, and sums up the entire album both instrumentally and lyrically. Ending the album with a harsh guitar cut off, the last imperative and crisp statement expressing that this record is a production full of emotional, lyrical, and musical raw moments coming together to establish something people will flock to from many crossing genres. This album breaks a few of those boundaries without getting any glass stuck in their sound, and it will aid in the undeniable success Restorations will find themselves receiving throughout the remainder of 2013.

Restorations ‘LP2’ Rating: W W W W