SORRY MOM & DAD: Oh baby, daddy!

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First Posted: 5/28/2013

A few weeks ago, I hung out with Maury Povich, where he gave me the results of a paternity test, revealing that I was not the father of a fictitious baby. What if I was the father?

That’s the question Jean-Luc Bilodeau’s character, Ben, was faced with when a baby girl was dropped off on his doorstep on the outrageously hilarious ABC Family sitcom “Baby Daddy.” The baby turned out to be his and he stepped up to the plate, turning the bachelor pad that he shared with his hockey star brother (Derek Theler) and best friend (Tahj Mowry, “Smart Guy”), into a baby-proof pad, where his overbearing mother (Melissa Peterman, “Reba”) and childhood friend (Chelsea Kane, “Dancing with the Stars”) are always around to help out.

A huge fan of the show, I caught up with the star, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, right before the second season debuts tonight, May 29, at 8:30 p.m.

THE WEEKENDER: Your character had a baby dropped off on his doorstep, which was actually his, and he decided to keep her. What would you do if that were to happen to you in real life?

JEAN-LUC BILODEAU: First, I’d probably get a test done. If it turned out to be mine, I would keep it and make sure it was raised properly. And my parents are really cool; they’d obviously help me, so it wouldn’t be too bad.

W: The second season of “Baby Daddy” premieres Wednesday, May 29. For people who may not have tuned in last season and would like to watch it now, can you catch them up to speed?

JB: We pick up right where we left off last season, where there is a love triangle between my brother and our best friend.

W: Has filming this show affected your view on having a baby of your own? Does it make you want to have a baby right now? Or, are you like, “Yeah, I can wait?”

JB: (Laughs) It’s definitely the best birth control anybody could ever give me.

W: Are there any guest stars viewers can look forward to this season?

JB: We have Wayne Brady. He plays like a real douche, mean boss. He was really, really funny.

W: Are we ever going to meet the Baby Mama?

JB: I don’t know; you’ll have to watch and see. I hope the show stays about Ben and Emma and their father/daughter relationship, though.

W: We have an idea of what your character would say “Sorry, Mom and Dad” for – having a baby dropped off on his doorstep. What about you?

JB: My parents took off for a weekend one time, and me and my friends got into graffiti and stuff, and we literally spray painted the entire basement. It looked like a New York City alleyway. It was awesome! For three weeks, the entire house smelled like spray paint. So yeah, Sorry Mom and Dad, for spray painting the basement! (Laughs)