Model of the Week: Kayla Strausser

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First Posted: 9/2/2013

Full Name: Kayla Strausser

Age: 18

Hometown: Gouldsboro, PA

Favorite Weekender Feature: Food

Favorite bar/restaurant: Gubbio’s in Dunmore

What are you passionate about? Making my future dreams of a steady career and family come true

Who do you admire? My mother

What’s something most people don’t know about you? I like to sing, and I’m pretty good at it

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Dog person. I love my pit-lab more than anything

If you had to pick, would you want someone with beauty or brains? Brains

My last meal would be: Panko encrusted Ahi Tuna with a Teriyaki Shrimp Caesar Salad and Crème Brulee pizza for dessert from Gubbio’s

My theme song would be… ‘Express’ by Christina Aguilera

My best concert was… Carrie Underwood and Josh Turner

For a good time I… make anything a good time. I AM the good time!