SINGLE IN SCRANTON: What women want

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First Posted: 8/19/2013

The question – “What do women want?” – is something every guy – young and old, single or married – has tried to answer. And in light of the male species’ failed attempts at understanding women, I thought I would do what no man has done before: ask them.

The following five women come from different backgrounds and experience. Some are married, and some are single. They are different ages and live in different locations. But the one thing they have in common is that they are smart, attractive, sophisticated women.

Here’s what they had to say when I spoke to them, asking the eternal question: “What do women want?”

Mariana G., 26

“I want a guy who really loves his woman, who will always find time for her. I guess I still have not found that kind of person yet or he has not found me. Right now, at my age, I desire to have a family and babies, but a loving, caring husband comes first. Finally, I want the type of guy who will want to grow old with me, someone, who when we are 80 years old, will still want to steal a kiss from me when no one is looking.”

Constance D., 48

“What I want is very simple: I want a man with light in his eyes for me only, and the only thing that can allow that is love. Love is all I want.”

Alyssa C., 23

“Every girl has a different outlook on what they look for in a guy, but those (with) honesty and commitment are high on my list. I feel like it’s so hard to find someone who will be faithful to one girl. I am a one-guy kind of girl… I was raised right, and that’s one of the most important things I look for in a guy. Family is important to me and is definitely a deal breaker when a guy doesn’t have respect for others. Women want someone who is faithful, honest, caring, has goals, can talk to about anything, someone who can be romantic, make them feel special… We want a best friend to share the rest of our life with.”

Barbara B., 31

“The characteristics in men that I look for have changed from my 20s to 30s. It’s not about how ‘hot’ he is anymore. It’s about how pure his soul is. Twenty-somethings may be too focused on finding a guy that is model material, and they may pass on someone sweet, honest, and loyal.”

Kristen D., 27

“I want a man who I can sit on the beach with and watch the sunset… a man who I can watch football with… a man who can make me laugh, and a man not afraid to do the funky chicken in public with me and let loose. I want a man who looks at me on my worst day and says, ‘You are mine. I am so lucky.’ I want a man who will take me at my worst and my best.”

So, that’s what women want…