GET YOUR GAME ON: Luigi in the spotlight

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First Posted: 7/14/2013

Little brothers rejoice! Nintendo has released it’s first DLC (disc version coming soon) for a Super Mario game and it’s all about Mario’s little brother in “New Super Luigi U.”

For the first time, Luigi has a staring role in a platforming Mario game, allowing him to take on a platforming adventure just like his famous brother. “New Super Luigi U” features more than 80 new levels made only for Luigi.

“New Super Mario Bros U” (or NSMBU, released in 2012) was a great game and this DLC makes it even better, especially through creating an alternate version of the original. You can play the original levels or play the alternate Luigi levels, which are mostly the same but have game tweaks that change the experience substantially.

Not only is this one of the first DLC items from Nintendo, but this is the first Mario-like game that the character isn’t in. Nothing has really changed about the story, although most Mario games don’t have much of a story. No, it never explains why Mario is not in the game, but just go with it. The only real difference is that the levels have been redesigned to accommodate Luigi’s play style. Just like in “Super Mario Bros 2” on the NES, Luigi moves differently than his brother, such as jumping higher; however, he doesn’t stop running as quickly. It takes some getting used to, but it is an interesting change.

Another thing that changes the game play is the timer. Most levels start with a 100 second timer, which adds more of a challenge and creates a sense of urgency, making the game very challenging. I don’t know what it is but when I hear the sped up music it makes me panic a bit. I don’t know if I enjoy each level making me feel on edge, but it does make the game more fast-paced and exciting.

If you were worried the game wasn’t going to have multiplayer because Mario isn’t around, don’t fret – there are still Toadstools to play as and a new character called Nabbit. Nabbit, who was in “New Super Bros U” but wasn’t playable. He’s now a full-fledged character who you can play through the game with. Nabbit is pretty much invincible, but he cannot use any of the power-ups. He’s a great addition for new players that have a hard time with the difficulty level. Beware, though, as Nabbit can still be killed by falling in pits and by lava.

“New Super Luigi U” isn’t the most groundbreaking game in the series. It doesn’t offer any new power-ups, but the time limits, level designs, and the way Luigi moves is enough to keep a Mario veteran on their toes, plus it’s always nice when there are new levels to play. It’s definitely worth the $20 price tag to play levels with such ingenious design. It’s not a substantial as a standalone game, but it is great as an add-on to “NSBU.”

If you are a old school Mario fan or just like a fun platformer, then this game is worth a download. It’s loads of fun and its great to see Luigi as the star and not just as the Player 2 character.

-Robbie Vanderveken is the digital operations specialist at The Times Leader. E-mail him at