BREAKINGDOWN THE WALLS: Summer show season is a hot one

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First Posted: 7/7/2013

One of Northeast Pennsylvania’s longest running and hardest working bands is back on the grind. Nanticoke’s Strength For A Reason recently released a new EP on Fast Break Records, entitled “Through Cold Eyes,” that features six brand new songs as well as four live songs, and the group just got back from a tour throughout Europe. Their new musical offering is the first release since 2009’s “Burden of Hope.”

For a band that has been going strong since 1997, it seems that they are the hardcore energizer bunny. SFAR’s new EP picks up right where they left off—hard hitting music that is only surpassed by the energy of vocalist Karl Kivler.

Now not only is Strength For A Reason jet-setting across Europe and releasing new music, they also have a string of shows coming up this month. The group plays July 12 in Philadelphia with Earth Crisis at The Underground Arts; July 13 in Cleveland, Ohio with Merauder; July 20 in Bucksport, Maine with Slapshot; July 21 in Brooklyn, N.Y. with Wisdom in Chains; and July 27 in East Greenwich, R.I. with Murphy’s Law, as well as appearing at This Is Hardcore Fest in Philadelphia in August with other local acts like Cold World and Stick Together.

While Strength For A Reason spreads the NEPA hardcore reality far and wide, there are even more shows happening around their home town. On July 10 Daylight, Sainthood Reps, Halfling, and Noise Pet will be all playing at West Side Park in Nanticoke. This is Daylight’s first local appearance since the release of their critically acclaimed debut LP “Jar” on Run For Cover Records. Daylight is a band that shows incredible growth with each release, and “Jar” is the pinnacle of years of hard work. Playing a style of music reminiscent to the bands of the early to mid 1990s with fuzzed-out guitars and confessional, personal lyrics, Daylight will be sure to please all fans old and new.

Sainthood Reps just got off tour with locals Tigers Jaw and are making their way from Long Island, N.Y., to play a much anticipated one-off show. Sainthood draws comparisons to past and present Long Island bands, but put their own unique spin on it. Sainthood Reps recently signed to No Sleep Records and will be releasing a new record in the fall.

Halfling, from Scranton, is a band that I have written about in the past, but I am always excited to write about them again and again. They are a band that seems to be already wise beyond their years and write interesting songs that beg to be listened to again and again.

Rounding out the show is a new band called Noise Pet. This is a new project that I have been working on with Hannah Roman for close to a year, but we are only playing our first show now. Our aptly titled first song, “Safety First,” was featured on the Stuck In The Valley compilation, but we have only tried to push ourselves more since its completion. The show starts at 6 p.m. and is $10.

It seems that this year music is following the weather: in a current state of constant and resilient heat, at least the shows and new music following.