Man of the Week: Shane Britt

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First Posted: 9/22/2013

Full name: Shane Britt

Age: 19

Hometown: Mountain Top

Favorite Weekender feature: I don’t really have one.

Favorite bar/restaurant: Olive Garden

What are you passionate about? I put a lot of passion in my homemade cooking.

Who do you admire? George Santee and Joshua Balz

What’s something most people don’t know about you? I love to grill and chill.

Are you a dog person or cat person? Dog person for sure.

If you had to pick, would you want someone with beauty or brains? Beauty, duh.

My last meal would be… a nice rack of ribs.

My theme song… ‘Mirrors’ by my boy Justin Timberlake

My best concert was.. I don’t really have a favorite. I enjoy all of the ones I have been to.

For a good time I…. light some candles, put a good flick on, and cuddle on the couch with George Santee and Josh Balz.