Weekender Live, 8.14.13-8.20.13

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First Posted: 8/11/2013

Wednesday, Aug. 14

279 Bar & Grill: StingRay Blues

Bart and Urby’s: Musician’s Showcase

Hops and Barley’s: Firefly Karaoke w/ DJ Bounce

King’s, Mountain Top: Mike Weyrauch

My Lower End: Strawberry Jam

River Street Jazz Café: Open Mic

Woodlands: Nowhere Slow Duo @ 7pm – Sky Vuu Deck Bar

Thursday, Aug. 15

279 Bar & Grill: Alicia Lynn & Jody Busch

Bart and Urby’s: Trivia Night

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: Party on the Patio w/Tramps Like Us (Tribute

To Bruce Springsteen) @7:30 Gas Station Disco @ 10:30

Brews Brothers, Luzerne: Larry George

Chacko’s: Kartune

My Lower End: Tracey Dee/Cee

River Street Jazz Café: The Woody Brown’s Project pr Equifunk Festival Party @10

Woodlands: Club HD inside Evolution Nightclub w/ DJ DATA. Streamside bandstand- DJ KEV – Hosted by 97 BHT

Friday, Aug. 16

279 Bar & Grill: The Jerks

Beaumont Inn Dallas: Clarence Spady Duo 8-11p

Bottle Necks: Katie Kelly & The Charming Beards

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: Mr Echo @9:30

Brews Brothers, Luzerne: DJ Ooh Wee @ 10pm

Grotto, Harveys Lake: The Blend

Grotto, Wyoming Valley Mall: Teddy Young

Hops & Barley’s: Indoor Summer Deck Party

My Lower End: Deck Party

River Street Jazz Café: Aug 23rd – Clarence Spady Band

Tommyboys: Rhythm & Booze

Woodlands: Evolution Nightclub – 5 Day Happy Hour w/ DJ SlM JMM Top 40 & Club Music w/ Host 98.5 KRZ’s Fishboy & Ostrich Hat– Streamside/Exec

Saturday, Aug. 17

279 Bar & Grill: DJ Diablo

Breakers, Mohegan Sun: UUU @ 9:30

My Lower End: Hat Tryk

River Street Jazz Café: Aug 24th – Solaris

Rox 52: Exit 6

Tommyboys: DJ

Woodlands: Evolution Nightclub – 98.5 KRZ Double Shot Weekend Your Bachelorette Party Headquarters DJ Davey B & DJ Kev the Rev Playing Top 40 & Club Music w/ Host “Fishboy” from 98.5 KRZ

Sunday, Aug. 18

Beaumont Inn: Don Shappelle 5-8:30p

Getaway: Mr. Echo 6-9

King’s, Mountain Top: Mick “Cowboy” Wildoner

My Lower End: Art from Castaway

Woodlands: 90 Proof 90’s night w/ DJ Fiyawerx

Monday, Aug. 19

279 Bar & Grill: 279 House Band

My Lower End: Kamikaze Karaoke

Tuesday, Aug. 20

Brews Brother’s, Luzerne: Great White ft. Original Lead Singer Jack Russel

Grotto, Harvey’s Lake: Sperazza Duo

Hops & Barleys: Aaron Bruch

Jim McCarthy’s: Wanna B’s Karaoke

Metro: Karaoke 8-12

My Lower End: Deck Party

TommyBoys: Open Mic

Woodlands: Mark Maros at SKYY V? DeckBar @7pm