SORRY MOM & DAD: Young, wild, and alive

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First Posted: 6/18/2013

When someone says live life to the fullest, what do you say?

I say that living life to the fullest is taking every opportunity that is thrown at you.

My story starts at Banana Bungalow, an international youth hostel in Hollywood. Unlike any other, this place featured free BBQ’s, party bus rides to Hollywood, and colorful people. As I was preparing a pitch for a television show last week about helping my generation achieve their goals (which you will hear about in the next couple weeks), I was approached by a drunk Canadian. At first I thought this guy was just another drunk guy trying to make conversation; however, it was the complete opposite. “This Guy” was the founder of a movement called the Motive Society, a brand designed to inspire and mentor today’s Millennials to strive towards their true dreams and aspirations in life.

I met with the guy the next day to find out more about his brand. It turned out he was traveling with two other dudes from Canada to film a motivational documentary. The four of us hit it off instantly, bonding over the fact that we were both on a mission to help our generation, and after practically no time at all we felt as if we knew each other for a long time. It’s funny how people like this just stroll into your life with no warning whatsoever.

Instead of letting this opportunity slip away, I decided to find out how their minds work. These guys were doing something that not many people have the guts to do nowadays. They’re chasing their dream of opening a motivational brand and documenting the whole thing.

Before I knew it, it was time to bid farewell to my new friends and return back to Pennsylvania. I jumped on the plane and flew home.

Sorry Mom and Dad, that’s a lie! Instead of coming home, I cancelled my flight and went traveling with a group of people filming a documentary! Sometimes when you’re young, you need to live in the moment and explore.

I am now on the road with the Motive Society, soaking up life and enjoying every minute of it. Get ready for this movement to spread like wildfire. They have an important message people are hungry for. We have an important message people are hungry for. Look within, and you’ll find YOU have an important message people are hungry for. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to just let go and be young, wild, and free, living in the moment. It’s the best way to feel alive.