MAKEUP RULES: Eye spy something green

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First Posted: 4/22/2013

It’s spring time, and now is the time to clean up your makeup routine, simplify it, and take it into the new season.

As you all know, each trend for every season has a signature color; well, you’re in luck, since the color for this season as well as the entire year is green. As we approach the warmer seasons, we start off with sea foam and mint greens, and later this year, as we reach fall and winter, the color will tone down and transform and deepen to a jewel tone or metallic green.

I know most of you are thinking: “Can I even wear green eye shadow?” and to be honest, not everyone can pull it off, but that’s why they are called “trend looks” and not wearable, everyday makeup looks.

If you want to keep it simple but stay on trend, apply a soft champagne color to your lid and finish with green eyeliner. You can use any type of liner; liquid will give you a slightly edgier look. Double lining will make the look even more editorial and fashion forward by using a black liquid liner, then following above it with a green liquid liner.

For a little more pop of color and a look that is still natural and subtle, do a sheer wash of a neutral-like champagne color from lash line to brow bone, then take a matte soft brown and apply into the crease, staying within the outer half of the eye lid. Then, to add that extra special burst of color, take your green eye shadow and in small, circular motions, apply it to the outer third of your eye lid. This will give you a nice hue of color that peeks out from behind your lashes. (This is a great application for bridal makeup as well.)

Continuing your spring look, I suggest adding a fun color splash to your cheeks; no bronzer needed, just apply a pink or coral, concentrating the color more intense where your natural contour is and blending upward to create a soft subtle gradient with a kick.

To finish up your look, take a similar shade to your cheek color in either a bright pink or coral – even a fuchsia would be beautiful and would really compliment the green liner/shadow.

Tip: Stay away from applying the green as all-over lid color “garage doors.”

Trick: Apply your favorite green eye shadow with a damp brush as an eye liner!