This meme will blow you away

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First Posted: 4/4/2013

Sure, the Harlem Shake was fun, but there’s a new meme sweeping the internet that isn’t just a good time – it looks really freaking cool.

You may remember a little video game called “Street Fighter,” and more specifically the special attack move called the hadouken that sent a surge of energy at enemies, blasting them far away.

Thanks to Japan, “hadouken-ing” is now a thing, allowing people to step right into the shoes of the “Street Fighter” characters.

It’s simple to create. It’s a still photo that involves one person “throwing” the energy outward while the others in the picture look as though they’re being blown away. It can be done with the classic hadouken pose, arms outstretched to “heave” an energy ball, or a central ground punch that takes care of several people at once.

No matter how it’s done, it’s undeniable that it looks legit. You can check out (how we discovered the craze) for a bevy of hadouken photos and a video explaining how to do it, but honestly, do you have to look any further than the pictures our staff pulled off?