SECURELY FASHIONED: Fashion meets function at Arch Comfort

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First Posted: 5/21/2013

Be nice to your feet! They support your weight; they bend, stretch, and point. They take you from place to place and work overtime at the gym. But instead of treating them gently, most women shove them into sky high heels, crush toes to fit into the season’s latest peep toe, and completely trash that arch with our not-so-practical fashions. But it’s not just us girls who get nightly foot cramps for fashion – even guys can make critical errors with unsupportive sneakers or dress shoes.

Arch Comfort (355 Market St., Kingston) offers a solution for the fashion lovers of NEPA. Not only do they have a medically trained staff of pedorthists (a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs), but they also carry a large selection of designer brands! This isn’t your typical shoe store that you would find in a department store or boutique.

“We are a fashion boutique that offers beautiful women’s and men’s shoes that range from casual, athletic, to dress in a variety of styles, sizes, and widths. Arch Comfort employs three certified pedorthists,” owner Cheri Davidowitz told The Weekender.

“If you’re looking for a run

ning shoe, we will perform a gate analysis to insure that you are wearing the proper sneaker. We are the only shoe store that offers this business model, which combines a boutique with pedorthics.”

“We carry Dansko, Earthies, Earth, Dana Davis , Neosense, Art, Bernie Mev, Dansko , Wolkey, Sorel, Gentle Souls, Orthaheel, Dr Weil, Toms, Brooks, Ahnu, Haflinger, Walduaufer, Antelope, Fidji, Dromedaris, Hobo Hand Bags, and we are constantly scanning the globe for new products,” she continued.

“Arch Comfort is a sit and fit store, which means everyone gets measured and we personally fit the shoes to your feet. Your feet are going to carry you for a long time; be good to them and they will be good to you for years to come. Remember – your feet are the foundation to your joints no matter what your age.”

The Arch Comfort website ( states that their shoes have contoured, anatomically correct footbeds, cushioned and flexible sole materials to reduce impact, metatarsal and arch support, strong supportive internal shank for stability, and all-natural soft leather uppers and lining material.

Wearing the right shoe can improve alignment, balance, and posture so be kind to your feet and support them because they support you everyday!

-Erin Rovin has been working in the entertainment industry for 10 years and writes for various national gossip publications. She can be reached at